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Right now

They left their joint venture in the music scene over ten years. They did it with an album that made number one on the sales lists. It was pure rock! They came back after a long break, with a sound that can only be classified as the complete opposite of what they had done up to now – Boleros!

¡New number one in sales, nine years later!

In January 2013, just eight weeks after the launch, the whole music industry is aware that Café Quijano's "Orígenes: El Bolero" the revelation album of the year and one of the biggest surprises of recent times.

Their albums have held their place among the best sellers over the previous two years. Just a few weeks after the launch, their bolero album had made platinum and, from day one, it made number one on sales.

Throughout 2013 they made the largest tour ever by any Spanish artist: over sixty concerts which "Sold Out" at almost every venue.

That summer they recorded the second volume of "Orígenes", which was launched with the same success as its predecessor. One month later it made Gold. The 2014 Tour was also an enormous success.

Not only did the hit the stage with a risky concept, Boleros, but their repertory was completely new, all the songs having been composed by Manuel Quijano.

None of the great artists in the history of the bolero have composed or triumphed with their own songs; Café Quijano has done just that!

The group's public image is impeccable: on stage even the smallest detail is exquisitely taken care of. Elegant simplicity.

In the 2001, 43rd Grammy Awards, Café Quijano was the first Spanish group to ever be nominated for a Grammy.

Renowned artists such as Céline Dion, Joaquín Sabina, Olga Tañón and Armando Manzanero have featured in their albums and, by invitation of the Latin Grammy Academy, they have shared the stage with Herbie Hancock, Black Eyed Peas, Steve Vai, Rob Thomas, Maná and Carlos Santana.

Café Quijano have participated in the recordings of the soundtracks of films such as: Disney's Lilo & Stitch and composed an extensive number of songs for films, series and television adverts in both the Americas and Europe. They also composed the Official Anthem of the 2004 European Cup.

Their albums have been released in over forty countries, selling over three million copies.

Awards and nominations

  • 16th Latin Grammy Award, 4 nominees "Album of the year - Record of the year - Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album - Producer of the year" por "Orígenes: El Bolero Vol. 3" (Nominee - 2015)
  • Latin Grammy Award, "Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album" for "Orígenes: El Bolero Vol. 2" (Nominee - 2014)
  • Grammy Academy Awards "Best New Artist" (Nominee – 2001)
  • Latin Grammy Awards "Best Pop Vocal Album Duo or Group" – in collaboration with Armando Manzanero (2001)
  • Latin Grammy Awards "Best Artist" (2000)
  • Latin Grammy Awards "Best Group Rock Album" – for "¡Que grande es esto del amor!" (2004)
  • SGAE Music Award "Best Song" – for "La Lola" (2000)
  • Premios de la Musica (four nominations) "Best Song" – for "La Lola" (2000)
  • Premios Lo Nuestro (2001)
  • Premio Ondas (2002)
  • Premio Amigo (two nominations – 2002)
  • Premio Amigo "Best Spanish Group" (2003)
  • Premio Amigo "Best National Artist" (2001)
  • Special Award 'Protagonistas de Onda Cero' (2001)
  • Premio Españoles en el Mundo "Best National Artist" (2002)
  • Premio Fundacion Clinica San Francisco (2002)
  • Premio Ondas "Best National Artist" (2002)
  • Premio Turismo Castilla y Leon "Best Live Artist" (2002)
  • Special Award 'El Norte de Castilla' (2002)
  • Premio Gredos "Best Artist" (2002)
  • Premios de la Musica "Best Artist" and "Best Tour" (2002)

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